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    The only Corporate Travel Rewards Program in Lebanon
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With FlyRewards, every trip with Middle Side Travel can bring you closer to the next place on your travel wish list.

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How can I join the FlyRewards Program by Middle Side Travel?
  • Register your company by filling the form on this link (register now).
  • Once the form is submitted, we will review your application and upon confirmation, you will receive your login credentials by email.
How much does it cost for our company to enroll in the FlyRewards Program?

It is a FREE to join program designed to suit all companies.
All you have to do is sign up, book your next business trip with Middle Side Travel, and start collecting FlyRewards Points.

How does the FlyRewards program work?
  • Enroll your company in the program (register here) and use the login credentials that will be emailed to you upon confirmation.
  • As a member of the FlyRewards Program, all your corporate travel expenses will be converted into FlyRewards Points. Every 1 U.S Dollar spent is equal to 1 FlyRewards Point.
  • FlyRewards Points are collected every time your company books with Middle Side Travel. This include tickets, flight upgrades, visas and hotel accomodation.
  • As a member, you will be able to enlist all employees who travel and track their and your company's overall travel history.
How many employees can benefit from the FlyRewards Program?

The company is the beneficiary of the program. Any employee registered will be active under the Company Card that will be issued with a unique account number.
The company can choose how and who would redeem the points earned.

What if I already have a loyalty program, with my bank or airline?

The FlyRewards program is independent and works in parallel to any loyalty program you are already enrolled in. The points you earn by booking with Middle Side Travel are FlyRewards Points which can only be used or redeemed as ticket fares, flight upgrades, hotel accomodation through Middle Side Travel.

How can my company track points earned or redeemed?

As an active member of the FlyRewards Program, upon logging into your account on the website, you will be able to:

  • View your company's FlyRewards Points status.
  • View your purchase history.
  • Add or remove employees/passengers under your company account.
  • Choose how you want to redeem points, and notify us with a click of a button.
What are other benefits of joining the FlyRewards Program?

Other benefits of becoming a FlyRewards Member include:

  • 24/7 customer support: Middle Side Travel Agents are available to answer your questions anytime and everytime.    
  • Hassle free booking: By simply calling a Middle Side Travel Agent, all the burden of finding the best flight at the best rate will be eliminated. 
  • Saving Money: Benefit from Middle Side Travel’s best year-round deals and rates. 
  • Travel Program Management: Middle Side Travel handles all your travel plans and helps your company manage and monitor its travel expenses.
  • Payment Facilities: Middle Side Travel provides unparalleled payment facilities to suit your company’s budget and terms.
  • Travel Insurance: Incorporated travel insurance for flights, or access to exclusive yearly corporate rates with our Partner: EuroCross ME